Sagittarius Weaknesses

What are the weaknesses of Sagittarius? Find out below.

Sagittarius Weaknesses

  • Sagittarius people are restless by nature. They cannot stick to one place.

  • They want everything to happen, as they like. they are not adaptable to changes around them.

  • They can also be dominant at times.

  • They have a very practical approach towards life.

  • They are very frank with people, because of which they unintentionally hurt people.

  • They can be selfish and irresponsible at times.

  • They are careless when it comes to personal issues.

  • They tend to take things lightly and less seriously.

  • They can be superficial at times to please others.

  • They are moody with people, which cause trouble.

  • They are quite flirty by nature.